Multi-platform means:

This agile approach saves our clients valuable dollars and generates unparalleled results.

Tools & Technology

Our technology stack plugs into the largest Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and Data Management Platforms (DMPs), giving our clients a complete and total 360-degree view of the market.

We take a good, hard look at trading patterns to select the number of options for each exchange, playing to the targeting and delivery strengths of each DSP, which leads to better versions of exactly what you’re looking for all around:


CHR Media Group gathers insights about your prospective audiences and builds scalable data driven segments, generating a higher number of quality customers.

Platform Management

There isn’t a single solution for your company’s needs. We help your organization utilize the best-in-class technologies across multiple channels.


Achieve complete campaign transparency, free from mundane black-box reporting.

Brand safety

Not every web page should deliver your message. Our fully integrated security measures ensure your advertising appears alongside the right content.

Greater ROI

We work to achieve positive ROI metrics without compromising inventory, audiences, or opportunities.

Fully Integrated Access

Our fully integrated tech stack allows greater access to the digital market via one point of contact.

Performance Driven

We can help your company leverage its strengths through our DSP to find new market opportunities and customers.

Data Layering

Access to multiple DMP partners with the highest level of audience and target segmentation.