Better together

Our mission is to explore every single way we can use digital media to achieve your loftiest goals and ultimate potential, and then execute each one.

Our team is what attracts our clients and keeps them coming back. We have an ambitious, performance-driven group of people as honest as the day is long, friendlier than a very good dog, and more loyal than even the most honourable samurai. Our clients are frequently dazzled by our ability to just cut to the damn chase.

We’re open, transparent, and won’t shy away from discussing topics that might be difficult. We’ll identify new opportunities that have never even been fathomed, patch the holes you didn’t even realize existed, and ask the questions no one else was smart enough to ask.

Every brilliant new idea, challenge to be defeated, or discovery shared by our team will be driven solely by our unflinching desire to optimize the performance of your digital media solution.

As a result of our very extensive cross-category experience, we’re able to leverage insight and expertise to develop the most compelling communications solutions.

Our team comes with decades of experience.

Check out the diverse range of business categories they’ve been involved in:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Aviation
  • Boutique Wealth Management
  • CPG’s
  • Mortgages/Loans
  • E-Commerce
  • Payroll
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Tourism/Travel
  • Technology

Our Team

  • Chris Clarke, President
  • Anthony Kowalczyk, VP, Operations
  • Jason Hachkowski, VP, Digital Media
  • Karla Burr, VP, Finance
  • Ryan Adams, Digital Media Buyer
  • Chau Pham, Junior Buyer / Analyst