CHR Media Group is a digital media planning and buying agency

As a group, we’re focused on utilizing the best technology, behaviour analysis, and insights to deliver top-notch performance and a positive return for none other than you, our valued client.

And you, valued client, probably want to know more. Here’s how our proprietary technology stack and multi-platform strategy works.

Data is still a giant mystery to a lot of people.

What is it? Who controls it? Where do ‘they’ keep it? Well, you wanna know the big secret? The data itself doesn’t actually hold value. The value, friend, is found between the lines, where only the most gifted data whisperers know to look.

That’s us.

We know what data to track, measure, and analyze to find viable commercial insights. We convert those insights into real, actionable change.

Then that eureka moment hits and you understand how to turn insights into a scalable solution. In the same moment we can create real, tangible value for our clients,

(that’s you).

Most sales and marketing strategies cast a net far too wide, catching a lot of junky fish along with the tuna they’re searching for.

This approach is woefully pedestrian and leads to spending a lot of money in very ineffective (read: foolish) ways. We flip that whole tired approach to marketing and the common sales funnel on its head. Instead of starting super wide at the top with a broad, nebulous mass of an audience, we start very small, by targeting a single individual—your ideal customer. We’ve dubbed this method the Reverse Funnel.

Usually we get asked
to help our clients:

Build awareness

Deliver impressions

Drive actions

Increase customer spendCart sizeAnd those golden clicks

Acquire customers

Reduce cost per lead or raise cost transaction

Capture audiences

Remarket or build data and analyze

As we kick off the campaign, we immediately begin optimizing and branching out, because we’re about to embark on constantly discovering new opportunities and indicators of success. This makes the cost of entry much, much lower, and we can ramp up toward building a scalable solution that offers the kind of predictability only previously seen from Greek oracles, along with unflappable confidence.

We’ll start with everything you know, plus the data you’ve got access to, and figure out just what lands haven’t been explored yet. Our team will make sure you’re tracking the right data and have measurable conversion goals. We’ll develop a strategy built to drive performance for you and your incomparable business. And you’ll stay involved so you can absorb all this knowledge and apply new methods as needed. Together, we’ll target the perfect audience, drive the right traffic, and spend your budget more effectively.

We start with what you know, and build out, tracking the right data and measurable conversion goals.