Aviation Case

Challenge: Reach an elite target audience; a top lawyer or broker working in Boston or New York, who also has a place in the Hamptons.

Solution: We pulled IP lists from all of the big deal brokerages in the Financial Districts of Manhattan and Boston. Next, we put together outward campaigns for people searching for flights between those destinations, and overlaid that data with companies that had Delta or United packages or private jet timeshares. Then we digitally blanketed the best matching physical offices, synchronized with in-person activations.

12x increase in ROI
• 20% increase in subscriptions
• 50% reduction in CPA

Finance Case

Challenge:  Perform better than the original, underperforming media vendor and drive more qualified leads. Simple.

Solution: We analyzed the previous solution, including channels, targeting and measurement. With the results, we developed a vastly improved strategy built to attain more qualified leads, and implemented a process for nonstop analysis and optimization of a scalable solution.

• 3x increase in qualified leads
• Reduced unqualified leads by 90%
• 50% reduction in Cost per Acquisition

Technology Case

Challenge: A business with low awareness and a long, arduous sales cycle needed to generate more qualified leads.

Solution: We established an account-based marketing program that leveraged attribution tools and CRM with the in-house sales team executing a waterfall strategy. We optimized their multi-channel digital campaigns by tapping into their sales system and pulling data like IP addresses, company names, job titles and email addresses to set the sights on profiles similar to those in the sales pipeline. By doing that, we were able to raise the profile and presence of the company for customers already in the pipeline and lure in a pack of new, similar ones.

• 230% new users (that’s more than double!)